How To Avoid Becoming A Faceless brand

It is busy out there especially post-pandemic.

There are so many people that have started a brand or started a business, started to do something other than what their nine to five allowed them to do and this is frickin’ great. I am all for it.

The thing that I am not all for is when people do not understand what is involved in actually building a brand and building a business and they get super caught up in what other people are doing, and then basically become a poor man’s version of somebody else’s brand. Or even worse, they just become lost in a sea of other businesses because they really don’t have any idea about who they are, what they want, how they help people, they just have a service or a product that they know and they know that they want to help people but they don’t really have any idea of how they actually do that.

So this whole post is dedicated to helping you put some guidelines in place to be able to avoid becoming one of those faceless brands. And if you feel like you are currently in that place, there is no blame and shame in that at all.
It is all about enabling change.

It is all about moving forward from where you are right now. And the point of this is to help you move forward from that point.

Think about what you want!


So the first thing that I am going to say is I want you to sit down and take some time to really think about what you want for your business. Do you want it as a small amount of additional income? Do you want this to replace your full time job but do you want to have a six figure business that has a team or do you want to take over the world or do you just want something that is a little bit of a hobby there is no right or wrong? There is no judgment here. I’m not here to be the all powerful Oz in your business, telling you what to do… This is about findind what is right for you.

This is the whole point of the branding process – helping you understand what it is that you want and how you can move forward from that.

Visualize Your Dream!

So the second thing that I am going to recommend that you do is then take a moment to visualize what this looks like for you in the future. Now this can be a couple of months in the future. It can be a year it can be a couple of years. It can be a decade it can be however long you want. And I would challenge you that if you are new to visualization and if you are a little bit unsure of what you want your business to do. Just start with a small amount of time looking forward, start thinking about what what it looks like a couple of months down the line because this visualization process is like flexing a muscle it’s going to take practice and the more you do it and the more comfortable you get with it, the more is going to enable you to visualize what you want going forward.

Once you have visualized that I want you to sit down and write down all of the main points that came out from that.
I want you to really connect to what came up for you what your brand looks like.
What you offer, who you help, what your values are and how you want people to interact with your brand and how you want to create a brand experience.

What does that look like?

Because this is going to look different for every person because we are all different. And again, there is no right or wrong. There is just what is for you.

And I want you to honor that.
Because so many times people do not have the confidence to trust what their intuition is telling them what their gut is telling them and what they visualize that imposter syndrome gets into our heads and we think that it’s not possible for us to do it that we’re not good enough that we need more information. We need to spend 1000s of pounds working with a particular person to to achieve that goal.

I’m honestly telling you right now, it’s about clarity and small deliberate actions.

So once you have that visualization of what you are trying to create, and you have that guideline of those values, what you want to create experience all of that sort of stuff that enables you to create your brand can patients and your brand foundation is so incredibly important. Because this is what is going to stop you from becoming another faceless brand.

The more that you can understand about yourself and what you want for your brand for your clients and for anybody that experiences your brand that is going to help you stand out as who you are in a way that works for you.

And in a way that is aligned with your clients and your values and what you want.
This then enables you to make important decisions in your business.
How do you want to get in front of your clients?
How do you help them?
What is your process?
What do you look like?
How do you show up where are you featured?

Do you have multiple different offerings or you do have one core offer?

You know, how do you help people and how do you deliver that? And again, there is no right or wrong answer to this.
This is just you getting clarity on what you do and how you do it. And from that you can then apply your own unique branding tone of voice.

Your desires your personality to actually create a brand that is aligned with you and aligned with your customers that reflects what you want, rather than just being an imitation of what somebody else is doing or not really knowing. So I know that that might actually seem like a bit of work, but the more work that you do on this and like I said before, this is a flexing exercise. This is something you will do time and time again and the more you get into practicing, that’s when the easier is going to get but the more that you can be aligned with your foundations on your brand, the easier is going to be to avoid becoming another brand that is in a sea of a lot of businesses. You will start attracting your ideal clients and the people working with you because actually remember we don’t want to attract everybody. And the way that we do that is by having a clear brand message a clear brand experience and a clear brand guideline.

So if you feel like you need some help with it – I have a few different offerings for you to get you started on your way…

  • I have a free guided meditation which you can download from the website or in the Instagram bio link.
    It is a 12 Minute guided meditation on getting you connected to your future self and your future business
  •  If you feel like you need to go one step further than that and you want to get into the nitty gritty of the different assets of your business. So if you want to look at your future self, your future business, your future clients, imposter syndrome and how to deal with that and how it all comes together to build a business that is aligned with you and then have some assets to build that visual brand. Foundation on how to apply that to the bigger picture than the allowing the Brand Builder could it be for you now this is a $97 Do It Yourself mini course. And this will help you get started to that connection of becoming the brand that you want for yourself aligned with your values and aligned for what you want.
  • However, if you feel like you want to go one step further and you need some help with this, this is why am I one to one offers kick in. So if you want to get super clear on all of these things that we talked about and then also implement the visual side of it whilst also having a strategy in place for how you apply your new brand foundations and brand values. To your business going forward. Then the badass branding guide could be for you. Now this is application only. So you will need to book a call to talk to me all about your business and what you are hoping for. But I promise it’s super informal just like me and we will talk through all of your options as to whether I am a good fit for you to work with me on this or not. And if we are not then I will offer some other options to you as well.

So just remember that you do not have to do this all alone that is a process and that you should be kinder to yourself about this. avoid becoming a faceless brand by having clarity and confidence in what you are doing and taking small deliberate action forwards is going to enable you to have a brand that works on your team that is guided by what you want. And after all, being able to build a brand that works for you and allows you to live the life that you want it surely while you’re doing or am i right?

So that’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Speak to you soon.

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