Hustle vs flow

hustle versus flow culture.

So this is something that I’ve been struggling personally with over the last couple of weeks. And I thought that my insight on this would be super useful for other people to hear as well.

As an intuitive branding designer, listening to my values and holding myself accountable for everything that I stand for, can sometimes come at the expense of feeling like you should or shouldn’t do something.

So recently, I worked with a client who was all about the hustle culture, she wanted 10 things now, now, now and she wanted all of her action points done immediately, she would constantly follow up on Slack, and badger me essentially, for updates on various things, even though we had a set deadline project and everything was going according to plan, she still felt the need to micromanage me.

Now, as the expert, I am not for this, as somebody who lives in flow culture, rather than hustle culture, this was like, somebody pulling my teeth on me. So that led me to become extremely anxious, and I then didn’t want to do any work because I became fearful of opening my laptop.

And ultimately, it was not the client’s fault, because she, we just had very different energies, we had very different values. And so the reason that I was so drawn to this piece is that she had a magnetic personality, and I thought that we could work really well together. But actually, it shows the misalignment of values, and people holding true to their boundaries and to what they believe in.

What hustle culture means to me…


So for me, hustle culture is all about working until you drop is about pushing, pushing, pushing, it’s about being very masculine, and it’s about being very. And so as somebody who finds one of those qualities abhorrent, it was very inconsistent for me to work with that type of business. And as I said, Before, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a hustle business with living in the hustle culture. If that is what you are all about. I’m, I’m pleased for you. However, that is not what I am all about. And so the point of writing this blog today is to share with you about staying true to your values. So even though we could have continued working together, even though

you know, it would have been a successful relationship in terms of, you know, delivering assets, helping other clients, all of that sort of stuff. Because the initial values and the alignment were so out of whack for me at this point, it was never going to work.

Regardless of the outcome for the clients, the outcome for myself was never going to be worth it didn’t matter how much I charged this client, or how little I charged this client, or how involved or not involved, I wasn’t with them directly.

Protecting My energy…

The energy that it took for me to deal with that energy that was so misaligned with mine was not worth it. And so for me, as you will probably know, if you have been following my journey, I have reached burnout several times in my career and finally just do not live for it, I have better things to worry about I live my life in a certain way that has a certain slower pace is more deliberate, has more ease and flow to it. So for me working with that hustle culture client was just a bad idea and not a good alignment. So in order to stay true to my values and stake and congruence of what I believe and hold all of those values from my business, and this is where it really matters is actually this is why your branding values why your brand values exist is to hold you accountable at those times.

Staying strong in hard times…

You know when you are being challenged with the fact that you haven’t got as many clients as you would like to have or you are feeling the pressure have, you know you want to work on it with a particular type of client or you know that a particular type of business, you could really help them. If their values are not aligned with your values, it doesn’t matter how “perfect they are on paper”, if they are not aligned with your values, they are going to be hellish to work with.

And that doesn’t mean the client themselves is hellish, it just means that your values are so misaligned, that you are never going to please each other in that sense because it just is such a mismatch.

So the reason I’m telling you this is because I will challenge myself to hold myself accountable to these values. This is what I believe in, this is what I build brand foundations for so that you can live in ease, you can eat live in flow, and you can do all of those things that feel right for you. 


And that is what I am all about.


So I just thought I would share today the importance of staying true and even though it might be scary sometimes and you might think I’m giving up all of this income, actually better things are yet to come. Because the more you can stay aligned with your values, the more that you can stay aligned with your brand and what you are all about. And say no to those opportunities that do not align even when that has you know financial ramifications, then the better you are doing for yourself, for your business for your clients. 


And also for the goodness of brand ethics because it means that you are staying true to your word you are not compromising your values for a quick buck. And it also means that you are building a stronger brand as a result. So I just wanted to share that with you today. Please let me know if you have ever felt that uh, you know, conflict whether you are a hustler and found it really frustrating working with somebody who is more flow aligned, whether you are, you know, trying to figure out which one you fit into. I would love to understand the experiences that you are going through and if you can relate. So yeah, let me know.


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