simple steps I used to improve my brand experience

A topic that has been coming up a lot recently in my world is about business resources and what things are essential for different people to have to achieve ease & flow in their lives.

Having different things in place that may seem like an additional expense, or something that is not entirely necessary but allows for you to have an easier and stress-less experience is always worth implementing as it is increasing your brand experience.

Therefore this week I wanted to share with you a BUNCH of different resources that I use in my business and explain why I have them and how they help me because ultimately, they may help you too and knowledge is power.

Now full disclosure there are affiliate links in there. Which means that if you want to sign up & you use my link I get a little something back from that company BUT it’s a nice thing not an icky thing. If I am an affiliate, it’s because I use the product myself and i’m super happy with it and happy to recommend it to others AND it allows me to help others that also helps me too! So win win & of course this is YOUR choice to sign up, so if you’re happy to use it, i get a thank you for the recommendation. Nice right?!

*all affiliate links are in orange*

Here comes the movie times (things I use): 

Client & Team Related:


  • Calendly
    Free to $24 per month
    Schedules all my calls & can take payments for my coaching calls too – this means I don’t have to go back & forth with people on days, times, meeting length, payment etc. I can just send them the link & away they go!  
  • Zoom
    Free & Paid offers
    for all my client, team, networking & coaching calls – I also link this with google calendar & it blocks out the time in my calendar, sets up the link & all I have to do is send an invite to the client. Easy Peasy.  
  • Hello Bonsai
    Starting at $19 per month
    Here I send all my proposals, invoices & contracts for my clients & keep it all in one place, they can pay through hello bonsai too with paypal or stripe.  
  • Google Drive & Gmail
    Client Delivery & Communication
    I keep all my deliverable assets in the G-Drive which links nicely with google calendar, gmail, zoom and hello bonsai.  
  • Slack
    Free & Paid Options
    Slack allows us to keep all communication in one place for my clients & team so we don’t have 1000’s of emails flying around and we can have different channels for different topics so it’s all nicely talked about in spaces to keep track of what’s going on. Clients can ask questions, links can be shared and it’s searchable so you can keep all the info in one place rather than thinking “I saw that email somewhere” 
  • Click Up
    Free & Paid Options
    This is my project management tool, I can keep the client work in their folder, allocate team members for specific tasks, put deadlines & reminders on different things for the project, provide hour tracking for my freelancers, hold all the important information all in one place and tick it off once it’s done… soooo satisfying


On The Business Stuff

  • Elementor – for building amazing wordpress websites
  • Adobe Creative Suite – for illustrator, photoshop and all the other lovely things it does
  • Canva – client delivery for templates
  • WordPress Hosting – for getting those websites up with a trusted provider with great support
  • Content Cal – scheduling and posting all my social media 


That’s all for now – if you want any further information or have any questions about the links & things i’ve mentioned, just hit me up!

I’ll aso be doing another series with the different courses, subscriptions and services that I use to help me in my business too. So stay tuned. 



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